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Incipit, Art meets mathematics in the Fourth dimension
by Stephen Lipscomb



Art meets Mathematics in the Fourth Dimension - 2nd edition published by Springer
by Stephen Lipscomb


Fractals and Universal Spaces in Dimension Theory Series: (Springer Monographs in Mathematics)
by Stephen Lipscomb


Editor of Duvall Football: Winning a National Championship (Paperback)
by Deacon Duvall



Symmetric Inverse Semigroups (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs, No 46)
by Stephen Lipscomb


My Best Friend Harley (Paperback)
by Stephen Lipscomb (Author) and John Shaw (Illustrator)


A Universal One-Dimensional Metric Space, in TOPO 72, General Topology and Its Applications (Lecture Notes in Mathematics Vol. 378), Springer-Verlag, 248—257

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An Accuracy Check of the Vertical Deflection Computations Performed in Fire Control NSWC-DL report TN-DK-29-75
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The Seven-State Filter and MK 2 MOD 6 SINS Error Covariances NSWC-DL report TN-K-8-78
Validation of the Deterministic Navigation Simulation for the Improved Accuracy Program, NSWC-DL report TR80-242
With William Farr, On Testing Sequences for Markov Characteristics, NSWC-DL TR80-462
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On the Efficiency of the Localnet 20 Network, NSWC-DL report, 1983
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Centralizers In Symmetric Inverse Semigroups:  Structure and Order, Semigroup Order, Semigroup Forum 44, 1992, 347-355
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The Infinite Alternating Semigroup,  Semigroup Forum  55 No. 1, 1997,  118-130


Digital Images and Semigroup Structures, technical paper as required for  NSWC contract March 1999


Change-of-Coordinates Semigroups I (unpublished)


With Charles Cohen, The triangle of equally-spaced Points on Spheres , December 2002 (unpublished).


With James C. Perry, The Generalization of Sierpinski’s Triangle That Lives in 4-space, Huston Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 29, No. 3, 2003, 691-709.


With J. Konieczny, The Class Equation and Counting in Factorizable Monoids, Proceedings of the AMS, Vol. 131, No. 11, Nov. 2003, 3345-3351


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Counting orbits of certain category actions , article in preparation 2004.


Matrix Structural Analysis of 4-web Level-0 , unpublished November 2004.


(BOOK) Symmetric Inverse Semigroups, Volume 46 in the American Mathematical Society Surveys and Monographs Series, American Mathematical Society, 166 pages, 1996. 


(BOOK) My Best Friend Harley, ISBN 1599754428, 70 pages and 88 pictures, February 2006. 


(BOOK)Editor of Duvall Football – Winning a National Championship, ISBN 0-87012-744-8, Printed by McClain Printing, Parsons, WV, 2007.


(BOOK) Fractals and Universal Spaces in Dimension Theory, in Springer’s Monographs in Mathematics Series, Springer, 246 pages, ISBN 978-0-387-85493-9, 2009.